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Introducing... Orlando the Octopus!

The Inspiration Behind Orlando

Orlando the Octopus is finally here! I started Orlando back in December, around Christmas time. I didn't really have a plan—I just picked up my hook, some sparkly blue yarn, and started with a magic ring!

It was hard to find a way for the head to have that octopus-like curve. Instead of crocheting short rows and having the head curve on its own, I chose to sew the bulbous part of the head down after I'd crocheted the whole octopus. That actually created wrinkles on the side of the head (behind the eyes) which makes him more realistic!

Orlando's tentacles are my favorite part. I simply increased the mantle (wide bottom part branching out to the tentacles) to a number divisible by 8. Then it was easy for me to split the mantle into 8 parts and start crocheting the tentacles! I also used puff stitches to create the textured suckers, and I love how it adds tangible element to Orlando.

The best part is, 10% of all revenue, pattern and stuffed animal sales, will be donated to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA!

Donating to the Aquarium of the Pacific means providing food and care to the 12,000 animals who call the Aquarium home.

The pattern and physical stuffed animal will be available on my Etsy shop to purchase on July 1st!

Once again, thank you all for your support. I couldn't have made it where I am now without your encouragement!

Happy Crocheting!

—Julia from The Kotton Kaboodle

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I'm Julia, and I'm a sixteen-year-old crocheter born and raised in California. My mission is to spread smiles through my stuffed animals!

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