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About The Kotton Kaboodle

Little by little I added new terms, stitches, and supplies to my tool belt and that's how I got where I am today!

Going back to the newspaper story, when I decided to sign up for Etsy (to sell a few animals so I could have more storage, and maybe earn a few extra bucks for yarn), it took me a while to pick a shop name. I wanted something fun—something cute that would stick in people's minds. What immediately popped into my mind was my newspaper, "The Kitten Kaboodle", and how that stuck with me all those years. I loved the name and decided to change it to "The Kotton Kaboodle" so it complements my products.

As I expanded my shop and grew my inventory, my love for giving to others grew as well. I also became more experienced, and was able to start writing my own patterns!

I'm very thankful for my friends, family, and the Etsy community for being so kind and helpful as I mature as an artist and pursue my crocheting journey.

I feel so blessed when a stuffed animal that I made brings another person joy! My mission is to spread smiles to everyone through my crochet stuffed animals!

You can check out my Etsy shop here:


When I was little, I created my own newspaper just for fun called "The Kitten Kaboodle". I was obsessed with kittens at the time (they're just so cute!), and of course I didn't know how to spell that well (hence kaboodle instead of caboodle), so somehow the alliteration stuck in my mind for several years. 

My crochet journey started back in 2018 when my best friend taught herself how to crochet. One day, we were playing "Truth or Dare" together and I "dared" her to teach me how to crochet as well. At first, I wasn't very good at it; but I didn't give up! After a few weeks of watching tutorials on YouTube and asking my friend for help, I was able to make a small swatch. I was so excited!

I'm Julia, a 16-year-old crocheter born and raised in California!

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