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Celebrating my One Year Anniversary of Selling on Etsy

It has officially been one year since I started selling on Etsy! Back in September 2019, my family encouraged me to share my talent and start selling some of my crochet items. This was the first thing I sold:

I transitioned into stuffed animals and as I made more, I was able to make bigger and more complicated stuffed animals. To celebrate my "One Year Anniversary of Selling on Etsy", I made this huge animal to give as a present to myself! 😄

Weighing over 2 pounds, this large horse is simply one of the cutest things I've made yet!

I especially love the little roses and rosebuds!

I have had over 100 sales on Etsy in just a year! I'm so thankful for everyone who has encouraged me and helped me mature as an artist and a young entrepreneur. I'm also grateful for the Etsy community, for being so helpful and supportive. And a special thanks to my family for being there for me all the way!

Happy crocheting! --- Julia from The Kotton Kaboodle

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I'm Julia, and I'm a sixteen-year-old crocheter born and raised in California. My mission is to spread smiles through my stuffed animals!

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